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Lazy lazy lazy! I'm at work haha... yeah. It's reallyyyy cold and I have barely two weeks left in Nova Scotia YAY!1111 Can you believe it? Well I can't >< cause I'm going to freaking Falher (pronouced because it's a french community FA-LAR) Alberta and I'm going to DIEEEE, freeze same difference. It's six hours away from Edmonton and that's the freaking bus I have to take ew.

What can I say for the last longest time? There's a definite snowball effect rolling around in the house I live in. Eleven teenagers placed living together without knowing each other thrown into a community none of us know about, yeah there's tons of shit bound to happen! So it happens alright.

I never realized how emotional I can get.. aka I cannot take intense situations aka crying. Our house meeting last night was a bit of a yelling spree and with my family problems I grew up with I don't do yelling sprees XD (Usually I run to my room and lock myself out/block it out.) Haha.. not going to happen here since I HAVE to sit it out and watch as the rest of my group try to bite and emotionally scar one another. Fucking sucks. Our current problem? Respect. We have a full fledge veggie/vegan week and some didn't take that very well (honestly I didn't think it was a huge deal) but too many things were said far past the line of respect. Not only that but the house manager fridge rule has been breached too many times.(We have two fridges. We're feeding twelve here... we NEED two fridges. One is house managers to cook and that means no one is allowed to eat from it without permission. The other is everyone's fridge) It honestly would all be solved with one thing, communication!

Sigh... and sometimes I feel just weirded out like I don't belong. It really does feel like I don't (besides the fact there's about only three other ethnicity in the last 66 partipants I've met! WTF?!) but I don't think that'll stop me! XD Ha..ha.. What an ...interesting.. experience thus far! Oh and apparently I've become more whitewashed XD Well I am living in a hick town haha... >< Courtesy of Steph!

Love you all and ugh I'll let you know my next address when I get to know too! >< (Go government, you suck! I don't even know my flight info yet joy O.O)
♥ Hanh (this font is HUGE ew)

Wow... long time no post

Too lazy to that!

I was billeting on a cheese farm. Yups it had lots of animals and lots of cheese yay!

OMG OMG OMG super long beware

Having a major dose of I miss you peoples. I wrote a little something for everyone!

:( Sad smiley everywhere! CALL ME! (Seeing as how I ran out of minutes to call you all, I'm sorry I'm sorry!) I'm at work, doing the usual - writing obituraries and death notifications in a database. Of course I can't just sit here doing it all day.. I went on livejournal and read your lives - DUH! Then I realized how much I miss you guys and what you're doing right now or have planned!

I'm so happy you're all going about your stuff and doing so much exciting things. So best of luck for all of you and I'm going to write some more letters because of how much this makes me miss you guys! (WAHHH!!)

Steph-chan especiallyyyy~ I hope you got my letter by now.. I just realized how slow Canada post is :/ Or at least how slow mail gets around from Ontario. Everyone else in my room gets mail fast >_<
So you're going to Youmacon? Awww I miss you! Show me lots of pictures when you can! (I'm still so addicted to fanfiction - gah kill me!) I shall send you more letters!

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Love you alll~ ♥ ;hearts& <--yeah I forgot it again.

In Truro, NS library

So like... ugh.. lots to say lots to mention but first off is I don't get internet access. If I get it, it's only cause I've happened to hope by the library! For those who want to send me something while I'm in Truro until approx Dec 5th I'll be sending an email out with my address.

So... I stayed about five days in Bridgewater NS. My PL (project leader) is pretty funny, first time for him doing this. I got to meet about 32 other kiddos laughs. Very very different, it's nice lots of workshops trying to be drilled into my head EEK! Foods awesome and seriously I'm not going to lose any weight with the amount we eat here. OMG-something absolutely amazing I havn't had my twenty pounds of candy a day! I ate about one piece oh I lie about three pieces of chocolate so far! WHOAAAAAA! It's kind of hard writing out everything with a time limit in front of my face! Funny things that happened in Bridgewater, Christoph is absolutely hilarious. He's a french boyscout (slept in a hammock the entire five days) and drew on some of the guys' faces/backs. We wake up to find mirrors are missing and the one by my room says broken on it! XD Pretty well thought out! Oh and he drew on himself! Sneaky sneaky sneaky! The other funny thing we did was a prank on the PC (project coordinator). He was driving us to pick up small things such as calling cards, cigarettes or something and then we went to DQ. A bunch of random guys were trying to talk to us (weird or maybe run us over) and we moved along to Wendy's (cause DQ was closed). All of us with our surpreme prank skills got out of the van, ran to the back and hid in the trunk area. He honestly thought he lost us on the first city trip. XD Prettttty awesome.

There's lots to talk about so I think I'm just going to jot it all down now cause I wont remember!

In Truro
-Our house has a ghost. All of us got in the front of the house to take a picture and a nice full length mirror smashed into itsy bitsy pieces on the staircase. No one was in the house, and the mirror was leading on the wall properly. Nice... Our closet as a door IN it that like goes INTO the house... and the attic has some fishy lights none of us know whats up there. Our basement is so anciet it's got a horse stall and you know the ladder from the ring? Yeah we've got it. WHOOHOO!
-The house definitely has some characteristics. Nothing is straight, the floor, the stove, the counter, the couches, the rooms, the washroom nothing!
-We've got our Katimafish! The real Truro fish named Herman which I accidently called Norman this morning XD
-I like it, definitely a small place not sure how I'm going to live comfortably in but it's not bad at all.. gotta slowly learn ne?
-foods yummy!
-wow I'm drawing again... I itch to sew really badly out here
-Did a scavanger hunt this morning and a group totally got lost haha
-my french super sucks XD
-ate spaghetti with egg beaters and a cheese grater. It was funny watching my group eat it with a turkey baser and a potato masher XD
-naughty scrabble which I called scramble!

more to come later on!

I havn't gotten to the job part yet, or the house management. I'm so freaking excited for our group to do excursions aka horseback riding, the cornfield maze thingie ma jiggie, white water rafting, whale watching, surfing and etc! Lots to do, very little time XD

Love you all... and ugh maybe call you if you like post here or email me or something!

;hearts& Hanh
It's quite pretty in Dominican Republic, my first vacation that I ever took on my own. Something I've never done before yet I counted down the days to return - what? Yes and the reasons were the following.. (of course I'm still enjoyed myself but hey can't a girl complain?)

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Anyways just to let everyone know, yeah I got into the program Katimavik so that means bye bye starting Sept 5th 2007 for about 9 months. I wont be online and obviously wont be in Ontario. My cell is going to get cancelled so see you when I get back. It was nice to see some of you today even though I didn't get much of a chance to talk or say bye!

<3 Hanh~

Wow another post so soon?!

I'm very excited right now... but at the same time quite scared! Katimavik finally called back (a government program to volunteer across the country). Yay I'm accepted~ I especially love how it states in my email:

Congratulations Hanh!

You meet the criminal record check and medical criteria required to participate in the program beginning on September 5, 2007.

You will receive more information by mail approximately 7 to 8 weeks before your departure.

In which I received the email this morning and I'm leaving on Sept 5th? 7 to 8 weeks eh?

Oh well what can you do? One thing I know is that I'm short on time (and money but I'll figure that out soon enough!) So I already said vacation is from 17th to the 24th, I have about one week after that to pack for 9 months. Anyone wanna do something before I disappear?!


Thanks to Steph-chan today for the awesome K time! I think I've scared off Kevin hahaa! You know you love K with us! (Went with Steph, Kevin and Max the only few who actually showed up) It was nice to be out and singing! Even if we so royally suck hahaha! Quick note since I need to be in bed really work tmw at 11 whoo civic holiday pay whoo! Throats going to hate me XD

Work sucks. We all knew that.. had a mental breakdown yesterday at work which is I have to say new for me! XD Double sucks, but yay I'm going to Dominican Republic on the 17th to the 24th so like whatever. I'll enjoy my time there and then run around like a chicken trying to figure out what I'm doing!

That travel program I signed up for? No replies yet so joy for me. Oh that's a lie they called back letting me know they lost all my medical forms and need me to fax it to them. Wow ... amazing. You suck government!

Other then that I'm still in the same spot I have been for years. Unsettled and the only phrase I seem to come up with "I dont know" Sure way to go about things no? >_>

<3 Steph! And I will try to like figure out what's going on as soon as I can.. =_=
I'm so lost.

Katimavik makes me angry because they have yet to call me back. By this time it's pretty obvious a no go! Which only means one thing, I need a new permanent job that I enjoy and start stuff for school. I feeeeeellll too lazy. Oh welll

On the other hand can't wait to quit my current lamo job, go job hunting again, spend time with people anddddd go vacationing~ mmmm... now to buy the ticket, a little late ne? haha

Anyways, there's not much to say. I keep busy a lot especially after Andrew left (my bestfriend and old roomie) so if you want to contact me text!


Who wants to join?!

So after AN, Steph and I decided to have a karaoke outing along with sushi for dinner! (We have only been attempting this for about months) Anyone and everyone can join! You can also invite along friends of yours, even friends of a friends of yours! So come join us Thursday for sushi dinner and karaoking afterwards! (Don't eat too much, you might puke!) Meet up at 6pm Finch Station by the ticketbooths!

As for AN, I was slightly disappointed because there wasn't much getting together as last year had. Or maybe I expected too much? Whatever I was glad I got to at least see everyone or most of them (even if some of my own friends couldn't actually recognize me at all -- so sad!)

AA was sooo exhausting but mediocre-ly fun. (whoo new word) I had fun harassing John (Steph's cousin) well.. his dolls really. Here's some funny photos of him attempting the typical "poses" of cosplayers in his opinion!

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Reply if you wanna join in!

Hmm...crunch time?

Well AN is definitely coming closer by the day but I dont actually feel the crunch time! HAHA! I probably will seeing as how ugh I havn't really done anything. Too much work.

I've been meaning to update more but I keep waiting for more things to happen! So... the update will suck! I now work at Zara, Hi Cindy! Cash procedures here suck major balls XD Sorry but I have not seen a company so back-dated since well ever. We use floppy disks ew.

I'm just working to pass the time quite literally right now. I'm waiting on a reply for Katimavik. The quick sum of that is a non-profit government program that sends me off to different provinces to volunteer. I've really wanted to travel for a long time and volunteer is my second nature! Now the bad news, there's about two spots available and two hundred applicants -ha ha.. I have to wait either the end of this month or until july even. Sucks. So the following year also has to wait until I get a reply and that's one thing I really dislike, not knowing. Oh well what can I do.

And that's really want I've been waiting for, for the last like year or so.