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Lazy lazy lazy! I'm at work haha... yeah. It's reallyyyy cold and I have barely two weeks left in Nova Scotia YAY!1111 Can you believe it? Well I can't >< cause I'm going to freaking Falher (pronouced because it's a french community FA-LAR) Alberta and I'm going to DIEEEE, freeze same difference. It's six hours away from Edmonton and that's the freaking bus I have to take ew.

What can I say for the last longest time? There's a definite snowball effect rolling around in the house I live in. Eleven teenagers placed living together without knowing each other thrown into a community none of us know about, yeah there's tons of shit bound to happen! So it happens alright.

I never realized how emotional I can get.. aka I cannot take intense situations aka crying. Our house meeting last night was a bit of a yelling spree and with my family problems I grew up with I don't do yelling sprees XD (Usually I run to my room and lock myself out/block it out.) Haha.. not going to happen here since I HAVE to sit it out and watch as the rest of my group try to bite and emotionally scar one another. Fucking sucks. Our current problem? Respect. We have a full fledge veggie/vegan week and some didn't take that very well (honestly I didn't think it was a huge deal) but too many things were said far past the line of respect. Not only that but the house manager fridge rule has been breached too many times.(We have two fridges. We're feeding twelve here... we NEED two fridges. One is house managers to cook and that means no one is allowed to eat from it without permission. The other is everyone's fridge) It honestly would all be solved with one thing, communication!

Sigh... and sometimes I feel just weirded out like I don't belong. It really does feel like I don't (besides the fact there's about only three other ethnicity in the last 66 partipants I've met! WTF?!) but I don't think that'll stop me! XD Ha..ha.. What an ...interesting.. experience thus far! Oh and apparently I've become more whitewashed XD Well I am living in a hick town haha... >< Courtesy of Steph!

Love you all and ugh I'll let you know my next address when I get to know too! >< (Go government, you suck! I don't even know my flight info yet joy O.O)
♥ Hanh (this font is HUGE ew)


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Nov. 21st, 2007 01:40 am (UTC)
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