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Easter Weekend

Wow another update haha! I'll probably be doing this more regularly then I was before YAY!

Thursday I spend my time trying to run errands. I missed dinner with Rui but I'm sure I'll do that this week - It's like our regular routine as of late. I try my best to find some time.. Anyways I missed dance class because of Best Buy and some stupid policies (I'll not go into that story) and just ended up going for dinner. When I get the chance I'm going to bring some more people to Java. Then I went to mod club for the evening and I found that it was an interesting place.

Friday - I didn't work, slept in and was late to meet up with Steph and Peiwei! Sorry! It was very nice to see them and I really thank you Steph for dragging me Karoaking again. Well worth it! Nice to see some others as well such as Max. Wish more of our original Japanese class could be there. We should most definitely have another picnic with anyone we can grab our hands on ne? I wonder where Matt, Duncan and Melissa went to!

Sat - I worked my er final shift at Best Buy? I hope? Laughs! It was suppose to be my last scheduled date but apparently my manager never got the letter. Half of the other managers know and another half don't know... ugh! Anyways yes I'm done finally! I'm working at Zara laughs...so that'll probably go fulltime until about september! *Does a happy dance around* I'm outta that box! Miss my coworkers but no doubt I'm sure I'll see them around just to chill with as well. I have to say Best Buy coworkers are different then any other jobs I've ever had. No more PSP & PRPS YES! Derek I'm sure you understand LAUGHS!

Steph lets meet sometime again! And when it's warmer beach anyone?


So like here's an update!

I havn't been working (because worked decided to kick my arse) and I have a lot of free time oddly enough now! Of course even with such free time I hardly do homework duh, but I did manage to survive a day of a family event of sorts. Since my nephew left the house has been extremely quiet and christmas is now going to be happening in January instead. Although I don't really care because I'm a grinch when it comes to christmas. I really dont expect anything from the family. (Long story short sisters suck, and they only want name brand shit, only care about what they get, return what anyone gets, etc.) I wasn't going to spend money/buy them gifts but I ended up buying it anyways (damn you guilt!).

Anyhow all we did was eat, do errands of sorts and talk about family/past. At one point the conversation ends up going to childhood and how different we looked etc. So apparently I was this fat little child who was suppose to be on a diet (never happened, instead of changing to food only I drank same amount of milk and ate the food!) and I had curly hair. An asian with natural curly hair? I thought that was odd so we went to dig up photos and I managed to take some pictures. It's hard to tell but here they are! (My sis always did say I was adopted, laughs)

PhotosCollapse )

So that's my update! I wonder if the LJ cuts work this time! But hey I finally got the hearts thing going on, thanks derek! ♥ Btw, I know I suck at birthdays but once again to the december people I know (or the few I do) Derek (although I already said it and it past), Winnie (if you happen to missed my name on msn), Rui (I know I know but hey I actually have something for you) and Steph (yay your's is tmw and I'm going!)

Gotta stop staring at these empty posts

First up, Happy birthday Derek!

Crazy weekend, spent friday doing god knows what (I actually do not remember). I happened to get lost on the way home. <-- Now I can officially say I fail nearly as bad as Benny does and that's saying a lot! I fell asleep on the bus and it turns out I went on the wrong bus. I ended up waking up somewhere past steeles with absolutely no recollections of where I could be (I have a pretty good map in my head travelling so much) which was slightly erm startling? In total, two hours later than I was suppose to I got home exhausted.

Sat - Alex's birthday and cramming to produce something out of my ass for the con. I didn't realize I was going until last minute, fail some more. Alex's birthday at first was failure in itself for the fact not even the birthday boy knew what the hell he was going to do for his birthday, no set time or date. For someone like me, who's hardly around and constantly moving (like a poring with a backpack so says John on facebook) that can be fatal! It turned out decent after waiting a long time for the people who said meet at Finch Station at 3 (she got up at 3 pm and she lives about an hour away from the station by bus). Then we just loitered all around and Steven was just too cute. He was definitely TEH WaterlooSER. Dinner was er almost a disaster.. as many may have heard already..Long story short the waiter demanded tip from us and everyone was caught offguard.. I ended up placing a complaint (hmm.. no Duh).

Sun - SO I pulled like crazy all-nighters ! I think I slept 3 hours on Sat though haha.. Managed to complete the dress well some of it for most part. I realized I should stop doing lolita because EVERYONE DOES IT... but I really do like the feeling of wearing this super crazy poofy silly thing and feeling so antique I guess? I need more photos of this particular dress. I'm semi-proud of the skills I attempted to use with the knowledge from my COOP placement!

The con itself was er boring but hey a fun lobby con! Chris your cape is just LOVE! I fell asleep in it XD Etc, Dinner was good and hey I'm glad to meet people again. It was well worth the trip just to see friends.

So I hope to attend on steph's crazy bowling/karaoke/dinner nights but we'll have to see with my stupid schedule!

Monday - which I just passed by with another allnighter.. Useless... I worked in a new department for the first time. I'm extremely happy with the change because guess what?! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE FUCK YEAH! So okay I'm selling PRP/PSP these extended plans what not but no cash I'm happy. Cash is DIRTTTTY. I'm also feeling slightly emo/depressed because I am useless at doing hmw.. Too much procastination and I'm just tired.. even too tired to complain! XD Alright enough and so hopefully I'll crash tonight and possibly get damn work done. I should stop with these run on sentences but look I have odd sleeping hours... yay for messed up schedules!

Hope to see you Thursday Steph & Zeni! Lets have a great sewing party! I think I can almost see the future: we're not going to get anything done! Lastly i give up on LJ cuts I fail at HTML and I cant do the hearts because I dont remember how to =_=

I think it's over finally, maybe? Damnit!

So since like last month I've been constantly busy with odd times inbetween where I thought I was free from it all! What lies! Damnit. So the recent rush was for the performance at Afterlife which I obviously was sneaked into being eighteen and all. The performance we did was for our Hiphop class as there were many other dance class performances and teachers. WAHH!! I'm so incredibly hyper for dance now it's crazy!

The night itself was enjoyable with agreed weird person! Rumour has it that guy, has been to every UoT Dance performance for the last seven years.. eek! I think we may have even over practiced seeing as how we didn't become in sync at the end of the night during our actual performance! During our practice in class it was amazing! Oh well, still pretty damn good for a last minute kind of thing. We had a two weeks notice of the performance and we only meet once a week! We tried to get as many hours of practice in as possible and now I just cant get away from dancing! Oh I love it!

The club was fun, I was simply giddy for being able to get in one and experiencing one! Grats to Mitchell for the first time being in a straight club --> I'm not sure if that's sad or not considering you go to clubs pretty often o.O And yes that bar-back guy was funny! Oddly dancing with me at random times! Fun night, tired but oh man I'm excited for next dance already and it hasn't even started!!! But let me tell you all, dancing is a lot of exercise and work!! So screw working out in a gym, just dance!

JUMP ON IT, JUMP ON IT~ Get on it?!

Lilian by day, HANH BY NIGHT111 <-- Should I stop scaring training managers?

Nov. 4th, 2006

So yesterday was the first time I went into this soap shop with all the fruity smells and everything, Lush. I was dragged by a fellow coop student and I ended up being hte one buying stuff! It's soooo nice, the soaps that is! Crazy stuff such as chocolate soap (don't eat it though, it really is soap) and I love citrus stuff mm. YAY bathtime fun, I'm such a kid!

Anyhow I finally met up with Steph and her friends. *looks meekly at Steph, I forgot their names!* We had dinner at Pmall, and was going to buy some stuff but ended up just having dinner because nearly all the stores closed at 8 pm. What a weird mall!

A lot of dicussion came up about Christmas gifts and I really don't know what people want ! Hopefully people are getting some form of a "list" up? But I guess there is still plenty? of time until then? Although I would prefer to buy stuff now, unfortunately brain's dead so I cant come up with gift ideas! Tell me Tell me~

The rush is over~

Finally the slight rush of things is over!

In the least I think I'm proud of the costume although really I had very few days to sew! (I had attempted to sew on the bus but most the time ended up stabbing myself RAWR! and having to redo that part several times because I failed to sew it properly) I had to be completely done by weds, which obviously did not happen! Thurs I had work and dance class. I also avoided home again by sleeping at Mitch's house to get like a couple hours of actual relaxation. I have to say that was most definitely the best sleep I had in a long time (can I steal the bed?). So friday I ended up running around the city some more, tried to get to Steph's house on time <-- ha.. ha.. I half finished my loli shoes there XD OH WELL!

The dance I think was quite a success! A bit more beats that was dancable to than previous years/dances and more people. Although I'd have to agree (to Steph and others) that the bass sucked as much as the glowstick asshole (go awayyy~)! There was indeed a lot of lolita wear (coughs) and closet stuff. I would have liked to see a bit more costume! :( Also the fact people didn't really try to dance is annoying. I guess I'd have to blame the screen which was interesting of course but come on whats the point of a dance if only a small group is dancing! Standing and moving a little is good but sitting in the middle of the floor? Wow you suck.

I'm definitely glad to meet people again~ YAY and especially to you jap class people that I never see often. Yes you Pei and Claa! Gotta go to K some time and KBBQ! Love harassing you Pei, lets do it again! Taco ni Tako Sandwich!!!!

So being tired, sore and all I liked it! Thanks guys, hope to see you soon!

This week's free days are Monday and Friday!

Explosion of excitement

WAhhh~ I know I'm sooo lazy to update this thing but hey so many things are freaking turning around again! Turning around for the good part of life and not the miserable side. First off, is my schedule for work..

Sunday (tmw) 12-7
Monday School/Coop until 4-5 pm
Tuesday School/Work 5-9 pm
Weds School/Coop until 4-5 pm
Thursday School/Coop/Dance until 8 pm
Friday School/Work 5-9 pm
Sat Work 12 - 8 pm

Aw, damnit I just realized I have to stay later for Coop because I've missed some hours. Also because work starts at 5 pm and twice a month I get these stupid days where it's modified aka start late at school so Coop is getting really messed up =_=

The good stuff! Much more interesting anyways! Dododitdodoo is my best friend is actually returning for the second semester with me! WAHH YAY! It's been three years since his sudden move (Dad in military thus posted =immediate move no choice) and although there have been many so called plans to return I could never fully trust them! Life's not been easy so I just didn't want to add an extra weight of being let down. However now!! I know he's returning for sure, he's definitely got the money working what? 52 hours a week damn haha, and I am providing him with a fake address so that he can get accepted in school and living arrangments aka with me! YAY! (More then likely we're going to kill each other because of the three years differences! or his girlfriend will kill me) YAY!

Other great news is that there is possibilities of him living with me in the future! That's in the long run but hey it makes me happy to know there are chances. Meaning he's staying for university! YEAAHH YEAHH!

Lastly! Steph has plans to go to BC for a con! I am definitely going with her, since I'm sure I can actually do that one! WAHH YAY! Also we'll do actual tourist stuff so it'll be great! I'm so excited for the damn year to move on to 2008! Exciteeeement wahahaha! cannot be contained! YUPS! (I'm sure I no longer make any sense muahahaha)

heart;&; Steph, Zeni, Kya-chan and everyone else!! (I forgot once again how to link people on LJ as well as the hearts hope it works!

Schedule again~

Today's co-op was awesome! I went shopping for the store (even though all it really was, was lightbulbs.. nonetheless it was fun!) I also was delivery girl.. Dresses can be incredibly heavy - wahh my arm!

Anyhow next week sunday 12:30-7 pm ew closing shift
mon school then 5-10 work
and sat 11:45 - 8:15

WHOOWHAT! I have tues, weds, friday off? Anyone wanna do anything I'm downtown~

Work Schedule and lil update

Shift for coming week! I'll update again weds/thurs night!
Sunday 24 Work 12:30 - 6:30
Monday 25 School 10 am - 4pm (Queen St - Coop)
Tuesday 26 School 10 am - 4pm (Queen St - Coop)
Wednesday 27 School 10 am - 4pm (Queen St - Coop)
Thursday 28 School 10 am - 4pm (Queen St - Coop)
Dance 6 pm - 7 pm (UoT)
Friday 29 School 10 am - 4pm (Queen St - Coop)
Work 5 pm - 10pm
Saturday 30 Work 9:30 am - 5:45pm

I really dont have much to say.. I simply feel depressed but that's nothing new. Er yeah.. two classes = fun though! Coop being about 3.5 hours long, at least I believe that's exciting or so I hope!
School is starting soon and it seems I'm the only one excited to go! I understand why people arn't but school means so many things (other then school of course) for me! It means I'm moving on, past the little okay not so little bump in the road but it could be worse right? Right! It also means I can soon sign up for my future, aka travelling or university whichever lets me in first! It also means less work (less friends as well seeing as how I have to work on the weekends) compared to now and lastly it means I'm almost (not really) moving out soon.

My plans were to move out as soon as April hits, but unfortunately I don't think that'll be realistic. So Zeni and I have been talking and she needs to move out too! So roomie sometime soon we'll know for sure right ;3? As soon as I get my letter of whether I get accepted to travel or not that'll be how soon I know I move out! COME ON SCHOOL I'M READY FOR YOU!

Short recap on my mini holiday:
Weds - Went out with Max and Mike to Pickle Barrel dinner and attempted backpack shopping. I concluded I'll skip it just use whatever I can find at home

Thurs - CNE with some ex-classmates and future classmates. Learnt gambling is very very very bad but you can definitely have sooo much fun! Dangerous mix.. win some money or lose a hella lot. PICKLE!

Friday - Spent a lazy but very nice day with Zeni-chan (which here we talked a lot about the future. Sure, it's far but really I feel it's still close and I'd rather be prepared for it then not!) Obsessed with nail art mostly due to Koda Kumi ahh!

Sat - Second attempt to get clothes from Winnie ahh! Oh well.. Spent some time with Zeni-chan and wandering around CNA first time being there yet not really!! (I didn't have a pass or anything but I headed down pretty far into it). So now I'm home and there'll be some family plans seeing as how my aunts here from neitherlands.. and last time I saw her was 5 yrs ago when my grandma died, can you say bad wedding?

Current obsession issss PV of SNoW - Sakasama no chou.. it's soooo good