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It's quite pretty in Dominican Republic, my first vacation that I ever took on my own. Something I've never done before yet I counted down the days to return - what? Yes and the reasons were the following.. (of course I'm still enjoyed myself but hey can't a girl complain?)

So the bad side of it all is that the guy I'm with, his name is Nick Kevin. He was introduced to me about three years ago through a friend and seemed meh cool whatever. Yeah not until I went on the vacation with him did I realize how much of a moron the guy really is. I knew him as Kevin but his first name is actually Nick so I call him Kevolas.

Reasons to why I'm so peeved! Beware it's a lot and I'm a bitch - I won't deny it.

1) I told him not to touch my shampoo, it's salon bottles for damaged hair -yes I like giving my hair some treatment! Now I wouldn't normally mind my friends using it, but hey he's not exactly someone I know! The shampoo was in the same bag with my conditioner and bodywash. They're off limits and placed in a clear plastic bag tied at the top. He ripped open the bag and used my bodywash saying that he thought it was hotel wrapping. WTF?! I gave him a piece of my mind.

2) 24 years old seems to do jack shit about how mature he can be. We toured the resort a number of times, he's holding the map and I've gone to the washroom a few times already. Grand question? "Hanh where's the bathroom? I think I went to the wrong one."

3) "Everyone must be British cause all they play here is British music!" I don't think he has a brain to think! Yes the resort is split 50-50 with the British and Canadians, considering the companies are based in those two places! But I really didn't know that Micheal Jackson, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Lindsey Lohan, Killers etc etc are British. WTF? Oh and did I mention I'm not British? Seriously...

4) Eating in restuarants.. He looks like a barbarian eating. I mean sure when you're at home eat however you want, or a buffet maybe.. But when you go out to an a la carte restuarant and they treat you higher class give some diginity aka eat properly. You don't have 5 eating utensils to just be a display. Just watching him eat (the only time I've spent with him) disgusts me.

5) Food. Food is one of my favourite things to do, could even be a hobby of mine (whoo mmm mmm fat! feel so good). Now if I had known earlier how much this kiddo doesn't really like food I wouldn't have gone with him at all! Appreciating food, no matter what way it comes in is important to me! Be glad there's a plate in front of you and the choices you have! Make good use of the things you DONT know! Of course I think I'm the only one lately that tries new things out! :S He simply sucks quote on quote "I only like to eat things I know". Boring, get out of my picture now. Wtf once again, vacation, free food, lots to try and you want grilled chicken?!

6) Tours and activities outside of the resort! There's a couple to choose from such as safari, underworld where you swim, feed and pet dolphins, sharks, sealions, tigers, and stingrays, also things like snorkeling, sailing etc. So I'm looking into the snorkeling, something I've never done and he says "Oh I don't want to do snorkeling I've already done it and it's boring". My reply? "Well we don't have to do the same thing, I think I want to so you can do whatever you want I don't care." Serious. Does it look like I'm happy with you around me? NOPES!

7) He says he's travelled a lot of places yet here I am planning the entire vacation. Oh really? "Hanh when's our flight? Where's the terminal? What should I bring? etc etc etc" Seriously, kiddo do I look like your fucking mother?! Oh he also wanted to go to an agency rather then online. I don't think you know how to travel at all - that and he spelt my name wrong on the fucking documents. Moron.

8) Oh this one is funny. He's a fucking cunt I swear! "Hanh I want to tan, how do I do it?" Wtf? You go in the sun and lay there for a bit. He wanted to tan, when he's never done it in his life and lives like a vampire! So he goes and buys tan lotion. I told him for him to tan he's going to burn first because it's his first time. Also he really is a white person (okay asian but white enough). Soooooo his smart idea? Double layer of tanning lotion and a couple HOURS in the sun. SUCKER! He's got a burn and raccooOOOn eyes!

9) Drinking. Since it's vacation drink whatever you want I don't care really. But if you're a moron drinking because you have nothing better to do then I'll have to reconsider. Drinking because you have nothing better to do just ugh. Sure if you have a friend or what not. He's standing at the bar like a loser and just drinks til he goes back into the resort room. Yeah really appealing.

10) The way he talks just annoys me. I can't say anything more then that. His view on life is narrow and shallow. Ugh.

11) Money for the vacation trip. He's a lot better now since I yelled it out at him. When we first booked the vacation literally he asked me everyday about the money. I saved up my money aka CASH to go. When I say I'll give someone money and I saved it up. I don't lie so just fucking give me some time to fucking see you to give you fucking money. I absolutely hate it when someone keeps bugging me everyday for it. I'm not trying to HOG it, it's not mine to begin with! JEEZ I'm just trying to freaking get it out of the bank! XD (Large sums = multiple trips to the bank and Hanh forgets! okay!?!)

12) OH OH OH! The beach vs. the resort. Tell me which would you prefer? Real water, not chlorinated with white sand right there and little huts to hide under if it's tooooo hot or a packed pool, no wind and rows of bed seat thingies? I'd go for the beach, really relaxing, I slept on it a few times! His reply? "The beach water is dirty, how do you swim in it?" OH MY GOD. I couldn't even reply to him I just gave him a look and continued eating. Seriously I can't even begin to say aNYTHING about that.

13) His constant need to know things but how he finds the information is the problem. I mean wanting to know what's around is great but once again, am I your mother? Does it look like I hold the treasures of the world in the palms of my hand?

14) Not about Kevolas - AHHH my famous damn allergies! Mosquitoes! HATE THEM WITH A PASSION! So when one bites, I can feel it like an electric shot and my hand shoots out to it immediately. About 30 seconds later I've gotten this bite that's an approximate size of a toonie. Beautiful not to mention itches like mad. I've gotten 38 atm and my right foot is a balloon, I'm not sure if I have an ankle left. Hate you.

15) Being alone. Alright I enjoyed it for half the trip, I did but honestly after awhile I feel lonely. So I want to be home, to be with people, to be away from this moron and never see him again and hang out with people I miss (and won't see for a very long time)

16) THE GUY IS SUCH A MORON HAHAHA. I guess it's slightly bad I've made fun of him this much but I really didn't know how bad a person can get. That is until you try living with em for a week or so I guess ne? Anyways idiocy moment that's well deserved! He drank the night before leaving to the airport! Guess what? He was puking for four hours and wouldn't shut up during the night! He was hugging a pillow mumbling in which I screamed shut the fuck up since I was so fed up. He didn't pack either and it took him absolutely forever to get out of the hotel room. Well ain't my fault you had a shitty last night! XD I'm cruel I know.

Wow I think that's it! For the bad... I think?

As for the good part of the trip! Most my days were spent alone obviously. Seeing as how much I despised the guy I decided you know what, I don't mind I'll spend it anyway I like whether or not I'm alone! On occasion I had a routine while other days I just spent it anyway I liked when I woke up from the hotel room!

I did a lot of sleeping on the beach! Weather was hot hot, normally feeling about 40 degrees! Sand is white, water is very blue very very very can I emphasize it anymore? Laughs! I slept under these little huts with these comfy beach chair things and tanned! It's very comforting to sleep on the beach away from the city and the people here are all very friendly (staff or tourists) I think it's one of the nicest things I've done actually, go to the beach bar grab a drink and so sleep under a hut. There's a little bit of wind as well so it's not boiling hot (except for noon OH MY GOD)

Monday to be exact I went on an excursion at a cost of some more money. It was truly well worth the price and an experience to beee done. As in you MUST if you ever EVER go. I went on a yacht Freestyle Catamaran! It's an all day excursion with lunch included, open bar everything yes is included. So I went sailing for most of the day, learnt how to snorkel and went to such a clear spot of water that I just could not believe it! Sosua bay and the three rocks were our spots to snorkel! In the meanwhile I learnt I'm still afraid of swimming over something as in.. I have a phobia of something I can see underneath me such as coral or seaweed I'll panic. Of course not a great idea since I'm swimming in well the ocean here! We got to feed some fish while swimming such an awesome experience. I know I mentioned that a few times already... and the fish bit me. I swear the fishes eat EVERYTHING! I fed them my leftovers and they ate it ALLL!!!! AMAZING! This one day thing was so entertaining! I got burnt whoohoo and meant many people. One day that I wasn't as lonely haha cause I talked to some old man from mississauga!

For the ladies out there, you wanna know if you're pretty? I swear just go to Dominican! They don't shut up! XD Anywhere you go! AHHH!!! Although it's really nice of them, they're pretty open in all aspects of sex quite literally. Haha. Such as the nightly entertainment schedule! They have bingo (weirdest bingo on earth! Basically it's a sheet of numbers there's no square and no B I N G O on the top. The numbers are random on this sheet of paper and it kind of looks like a crossword except without empty swears those are the numbers! Yeah I'm sure I lost you by now.. oh well just trust me it was weird) and they do a very festive show. The last night it was sometime like seeing if married couples over the age of 21 knew each other enough aka lets embarrass them! So the man had to sing on stage while dancing towards his wife (who sat on the other end of the stage) then kiss her. The said man had to return to the same spot, sing again except this time the host shoved a cup of ice in said man's mouth! Hilarious. Ew on occasion as well. So that's just one round more to go but too much to type haha~ Just ask me and I'd tell you if you're even interested!

Dinners were interesting. It was the only time I spent with Kevolas. The a la carte restaurants were not bad but not the bed. I think I loved the Carribean the most! The soup was SOOOO SOOO SOOO good! It was like pumpkin or squash soup, with the most tender beef I've ever had, rice, carrots, potatoes and omg just DELICIOUS. XD I love food alright? I loved the buffet in the morning as well! THEY HAVE HASHBROWNS HAHAHAA! XD I'm so unhealthy! Lunches were good, soup is delicious~ I've been crazy craving liquids since I got back haha.

I never once went into the pool... I think it's because I honestly prefer ocean water. I think it's a waste of time unless you wanted the bar of course. It would make sense!

I mean some assholes from Barrie oh well.. and I've become friends with bartenders and performers! Went to a club (which they called Disco bar) with a performer. At night they do this little dance with the kids it's so cute. Drunk adults do it too so it's amusing! I love oldies!

One of the nights I went out with a random guy from England and his brother. It was quite a drunk night seeing as how they drink like it's water.. crazy english men! We went clubbing, different bars outside of the hotel resort as well! A fun fun night. A performer, pretty hot english girl, was so drunk and I think ugh took viagra? went crazy I mean hyper dancing crazy. She was singing and dancing around the bar like no tomorrow.. I didn't know viagra did that I thought it just well makes men get up XD haha...Interesting? As for me... we took a dip in the ocean at four fucking am I was sooo tired! Still very nice XD I found a friend whoo on the second last day of my trip booo!

Pictures are to come... and I'll tell you more detail then! XD Although yeah I'm sure not everyone wants to read this rant of mine haha..

Anyways just to let everyone know, yeah I got into the program Katimavik so that means bye bye starting Sept 5th 2007 for about 9 months. I wont be online and obviously wont be in Ontario. My cell is going to get cancelled so see you when I get back. It was nice to see some of you today even though I didn't get much of a chance to talk or say bye!

<3 Hanh~


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Aug. 28th, 2007 02:31 am (UTC)
The sleeping explains the tan XD

And man, this guy really does sound like an idiot o___0

I'm going to miss you ;-;

*is incoherent*
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