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OMG OMG OMG super long beware

Having a major dose of I miss you peoples. I wrote a little something for everyone!

:( Sad smiley everywhere! CALL ME! (Seeing as how I ran out of minutes to call you all, I'm sorry I'm sorry!) I'm at work, doing the usual - writing obituraries and death notifications in a database. Of course I can't just sit here doing it all day.. I went on livejournal and read your lives - DUH! Then I realized how much I miss you guys and what you're doing right now or have planned!

I'm so happy you're all going about your stuff and doing so much exciting things. So best of luck for all of you and I'm going to write some more letters because of how much this makes me miss you guys! (WAHHH!!)

Steph-chan especiallyyyy~ I hope you got my letter by now.. I just realized how slow Canada post is :/ Or at least how slow mail gets around from Ontario. Everyone else in my room gets mail fast >_<
So you're going to Youmacon? Awww I miss you! Show me lots of pictures when you can! (I'm still so addicted to fanfiction - gah kill me!) I shall send you more letters!

What I've been doing:
-thanksgiving dinner was crazy fun! I stayed up all night with a couple of others a total of fifiteen of us. Scared the crap outta people doing grudge girl in the dark on the floor. Oh we stayed in a church - CREEPYYYY! OH YES! I also sat in a wheelchair and acted like a creepy little girl "Do you want to play? I just want to play! Come plaaaay with me!" Oh and dance parties (aka anywhere and everywhere just dance like mad!) Yummy food.. yay I can cook 45lbs of potato, peel up, cut up, dice up and maybe kill you too cause I definitely want to. Attempting to learn french pronouciation - fu..fu..fu.., furet dan mon pantalon! (laughs.. for like two hours)

-Legends say one more person must die before the treasure is found on Oak island. Lets kill Phil!

-we're (meaning we've convinced the entire group to do it- eleven plus PL) doing a cleanse next week. It means no food for five days just lots of water, lemons and grade b maple syrup. It's to clean out your system of toxin and all the crap we get from whatever we eat. YAY! I'm going to stink up the house - we need to drink laxative tea ugh yummy?

-We were on This hour's 22 minutes show yesterday. YAY! It was fun being in the studio last week, lots of jokes and the actor/actress were funny as hell. Better or worse? Better or worse? "I have baby bottle pop nipples stuck up my nose!"

-Thanksgiving thankful activity! Write something you are thankful for on a piece of paper (or for this instance on LJ), for anyone you like to. Most sweetest, endearing and loving activity I've ever gotten and done!
(It's a little late but better then never!)

I'm thankful for
Steph-chan: for having met you! You're awesome and your skill at cosplaying and the amount of costumes you shit out is Taco-tastic! I admire your tolerance for the crap that is around you and I love hanging around you. All the jokes, super ghetto awesomeness K, food, hikes and just all the randomness we do spontaneously.

Zeni-chan: I'm thankful for you being here (ha ha) for me whenever and everywhere! I love spending time with you and dragging you out to socialize more! *cackles* Can't wait to get back and scare you some more! You were always patient (and I can never hella be) and it ceases to amaze me how much it takes to piss you off (Did I ever manage it yet?!). Dance classes were always much more fun when you were around!

Rui: Thankful for you being like my older brother (a wayyyy better one haha!) You always give out a helping hand when it's possible and I know that option is there. Others may misinterpret you as an ass but for me you will never be.

Andrew: I know you never check your LJ anyways but I'm thankful for having you as my bestguyfriend. It's been a long history between us and it's going to stay that way. (I'm so going to get in trouble for this typing while at work-oh well worth it) Our memories I'll always cherish and the fact you can take my bitchiness for all it's worth and still find a friendship with me is amazing (also calming me).

Mitchell: It's been a little rough lately and you never check (even more so then Andrew) I'm thankful for knowing you these years and for you being there. You may be apathetic but I know somewhere you've been my pillar. I thank you for keeping me sane when I could hardly contain myself. You're great at music and I love it when you bring me out to more musical stuff so keep at it!

I think that's all I have for now.. I'm going to get back to work now!
For the rest on my list you all are a wonderful bunch of coconuts! XD Talented in so many ways and I love you all~ (Especially you cosplayers! I drool at your work!

Amy(*drools* Thanks for all the wig tip and doll! I love her and I love the things you bring out)

Winny (*drools* Seriously not much else to say cause you're so awesomely pro!)

Chris (Damnnn you're getting really good! Kiba kiba kiba with pinapples)

Kia (YAY awesome RO costumes *drools* and the awesome shiny stuff!)

Scoti(*drools* loved that puffy skirts!)

Derek (You're so awesome at techie stuff and shino!)

Queendopple (You're so kind, amazing and awesome! I love you my American friend)

Infini(*drools* The props you make is to die for!)

ochika(You're an awesome person, so outgoing and happy!)

Brenda(YAY! Brenda! Keep those costumes coming!)

Becca (I love your Jrock stuff, seriously it's awesome! I love the hairdos, naildos, and makeup you do! So many dos XD)

Kintaei (You're just getting better and better~ YAY Magnets are to die for! Hey I'm missing OREO!)

Squall ( :( I'm going to miss your AN cafe thing :( That makes me sad, take lots of photos cause you're just so damn skilled in desiging!)

GLA Kevin (Best K ever eh? You're a fun guy to be around, seriously and your straight to the point personality is something I admire)!

Ahh I miss all you and your works. I wish I could join AN >< That would be SOOOOO cool!)

Photo Kev, my fellow night owl buddy~ Thanks for the chats! Awesome photos! Keep em coming

Hitotsu - love bugging yeah! You're a nice person!

Nell - the once time meeting you was awesome and I hope to see you again! Same goes for you Nikolain

Jap class: Peiwei, Claa, Melissa, Edith, Matt, Duncan - fun times!

Vivian: You're an awesome person, honest, we just gotta hang out sometime ne? Missing being able to go out and eat with you too! I always did like your artwork.

Ew I'm so sentimental today! HAHA!

Love you alll~ ♥ ;hearts& <--yeah I forgot it again.


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Oct. 10th, 2007 05:15 pm (UTC)
I've tried calling you 7 or 8 times, you're damn hard to get a hold of!
Oct. 10th, 2007 06:33 pm (UTC)
ME?! I think you must have gotten the wrong number then haha! Cause I havn't gotten a single call from youuu~ Number is 902-893-1766 (I've freaking memorized it!)
Oct. 10th, 2007 07:12 pm (UTC)
Currently studying. i got your letter like last week but life's been too hectic to write back. I even have a rough draft written up! XD

Now back to studying >_>
Oct. 12th, 2007 04:02 am (UTC)
Studying? What's that? :P
Photos!! Next time I catch you online I'll try and send you some =)
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